Learning List for 2012 Fall

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Better than Expect

I came to US in August and started my graduate study in NYC. This is a new start in my career. I have to work harder and harder for the new era. 

I publish my to-learn list in this blog to push myself, for my friends and you are able to see and monitor me!

It’s not the final version, too much time cost. I have to fix in 80h totally.

2012 Fall Learning List

  1. To-Learn Lists, “to be efficient” (86hours~101hours / week)
    1. Required Courses in School (14h/week, up to 20h/week)
      1. Computer Networking,
        1. Homework + Reading
        2. pending, 3h(course) + 2h/week
      2. Computer Architecture I,
        1. Homework
        2. pending, 3h(course)+1.5h/week
      3. Programming Languages,
        1. Pending
        2. pending, 3h(course)+1.5h/week
    2. Coursera.org (15h/week)   (Thanks to professors in coursera, especially Prof. Ng)
      1. Probabilistic Graphical Model,
        1. from 9.24~12.9, 11weeks
        2. Video + Homework + Reading, 7h~10h/week
      2. NN4ML, 10.1*
        1. from 10.1~11.5
        2. Video+Homework, 7~10h/week
    3. In seat Courses (6h/week, up to 8h/week)
      1. Machine Learning,
        1. Homework
        2. 3+2h/week
      2. Operating System
        1. 3h/week
    4. Self Study (6h/week, up to 8h/week)
      1. ~Web Search Engine**
      2. Convex Optimization I, Stanford
        1. 4h/week,Slides+Homework
        2. Itunes U
      3. ~Computational Advertising, Stanford
        1. 4h/week,Slides+Homework,after Convex Optimization
      4. ~Statistics Learning Theory, Peter BartlettBerkeley***
        1. 6h/week, Slides + Homework
    5. Research relative (45h/week up to 50h/week)
      1. Research in Lab
        1. Pending
        2. need to be statistics, at least 20+h/week, almost 30h/week
      2. With other PhD
        1. Interesting Topics!
          1. Detecting in Social Network
        2. 8h / week ***
      3. ACM-ICPC to 11月
        1. 7h/week
          1. will soon over
      4. Review and Study of Algorithm, Book of  “Algorithm” by Sanjoy Dasgupta
        1. 4h/week
  2. To-do Lists, supports a efficient work pace
    1. nice Sleep, 00:00 go to bed every day, at least 1:00 and 50~55h per week
    2. have a noon-snap if possible
    3. 6h sports or gym per week, one time per two days
    4. 5h social event time
    5. eat less and more vegetables and fruit….since food in USA are so much lol

* “~” means I don’t decide whether go on learning, because of time…

** I don’t decide whether to learn this course due to 1.my research rate; 2. I would probably take this course next semester

*** I think follow other PhD’s work would help me to learn how to research and get papers.

****maybe this winter, to learn

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